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To the NYU Administration:

Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East supports the Take Back NYU! coalition in their rightful demands for transparency, democracy and the protection of human rights at their university. Their efforts to bring light to these issues culminated in the occupation of the Kimmel Center this week, a measure taken only after many months of engagement with the NYU administration was met with apathy and silence. This left the students no recourse but to take drastic action.

Adalah-NY supports the Take Back NYU! coalition's inclusion of Gaza and Palestine in the struggle for social justice. We call on the university to address the students' demands, make transparent all financial transactions and investments, and end any complicity with Israeli apartheid.

The student protesters carry on a proud tradition of struggle for civil liberties, and against apartheid, wherever it might be, Gaza being the latest case in point. The NYU administration will certainly be judged in history as being on the wrong side of justice.

We denounce NYU administration's use of heavy-handed repression, suspension and eviction as a response to a non-violent student protest. Adalah-NY calls on the NYU administration to grant amnesty to all students involved and reinstate them immediately.

Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East is a grassroots strategic alliance of concerned organizations and individuals in New York, formed to demand an immediate, unconditional, and permanent end to U.S. and U.S.-sponsored Israeli aggression in the Middle East.

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Adalah NY & Jews Against the Occupation-NYC
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Town Hall Meeting Under Threat of Violence

January 13, New York, NY - Adam Shapiro, a human rights activist and documentary filmmaker, who is scheduled to speak tonight at a public Town Hall Meeting hosted by Revolution Books, has had death threats issued against him by the Jewish Defense Organization. In the threats, which were pasted to the Revolution Books window, Shapiro is named specifically as an enemy who should be eliminated. Tonight’s Town Hall Meeting focusing on Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip will be held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in Manhattan at 7 PM.


Nonviolent Resistance to Israeli Apartheid in Palestine

Please join us for:

A screening of the documentary "Bil'in My Love" ("Bil'in Habibti"), followed by a talk by the film's director Shai Pollak, and Palestinian activist Mansour Mansour

Monday, March 3 at 7:00 PM
Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson St.
(just South of Washington Square Park)

Sponsored by: Adalah-NY & NYC War Resisters League

-Bil'in My Love (Bil'in Habibti): The award-winning documentary ( about the West Bank village of Bil'in's three year nonviolent struggle against Israel's wall and settlements

-Mansour Mansour: Palestinian activist from the West Bank village of Biddu, near Jerusalem

-Shai Pollak: Israeli activist and filmmaker, director of the documentary "Bil'in My Love" and member of Israel's Anarchists Against the Wall

The village of Bil'in's campaign of creative, nonviolent resistance to Israel's wall & settlements inspired the New York campaign to boycott settlement builders & NYC developers Lev Leviev & Shaya Boymelgreen. Leviev & Boymelgreen built settlement homes on Bil'in's land.

In Bil'in last week, according to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz Daily, "More than 20 activists were wounded Friday as Israel Defense Forces troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas grenades at protesters marking three years of struggle against the West Bank separation fence in the West Bank town of Bil'in. More than 1,000 people attended the milestone demonstration Friday."



Fighting Displacement and Discrimination
From Palestine to New York

On the day that we celebrate the life of
Dr. Martin Luther King
one of the greatest champions for human rights...

Join us for an outdoor screening of "Bil'in My Love"
The award winning documentary about Palestinian nonviolent
resistance to Israel's wall and settlement construction in Bil'in

Monday January 21 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM
in front of the jewelry store LEVIEV New York
700 Madison Ave (between 62nd & 63rd St)

Israeli businessman Lev Leviev is building Israeli settlement homes
for Jews only on the land of the village of Bil'in and other West Bank villages,
and pushing working-class families out of their homes in New York City

Boycott Leviev!
Free Palestine!

Bil'in My Love by Director Shai Carmel-Pollak
Winner 2006 Jerusalem Film Festival (Best Doc)
Rotterdam 2006, Movies that Matter (Special Award)