TIAA-CREF Divest Mime Troupe
TIAA-CREF Divest Mime Troupe at our National Day of Action in NYC, July 17, 2013


For the second time, pension-fund giant TIAA-CREF, which claims to be "for the greater good," has barred shareholders from voting on whether they want their retirement money invested in human rights violations. TIAA-CREF has made it clear that when it comes to discussing the Israeli occupation of Palestine, they prefer to "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil." But we’ll continue to see and speak about Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights—and to demand to be heard.


Adalah-NY is a member of the We Divest coalition, which is calling for a national day of action. Join us in midtown Manhattan for The Future Divests!

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STUDENTS! The We Divest national campaign is having a national day of action. We are calling on students from across NYC to demand TIAA-CREF divest from the Israeli occupation. Make sure they get the message: TIAA-CREF can't ignore its future clients!

Press Release

NEW YORK - Fifty New Yorkers gathered in the cold in front of TIAA-CREF national headquarters to show support for a shareholder resolution asking trustees to end investments in companies that contribute to or enable serious human rights violations, including companies whose products support Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.

CREF shareholders, including a professor of peace and conflict studies, addressed the crowd, emphasizing that it is crucial that the retirement company let shareholders have a conversation about the human rights abuses their investments are supporting. Also present was Omar Barghouti, one of the founders and leaders of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee. Barghouti's evening talk with Judith Butler at Brooklyn College this evening has been the object of much recent controversy among local city officials and in the national media.


Where: TIAA-CREF headquarters, 730 Third Ave (at 45th St.), NYC

When: Thursday February 7, 2013, 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

What: Demand that TIAA-CREF addresses the concerns of shareholders who have submitted a resolution calling on CREF to divest from Veolia and other companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine. Allow the resolution to go forward and be on the ballot.

Why: This year’s resolution calling for divestment is the next step in the We Divest campaign. Over 100 CREF shareholders have filed a resolution calling on the pension giant to divest from companies profiting from the illegal Israeli occupation and to end their complicity in the violation of Palestinian human rights.

Join Omar Barghouti, of the BDS National Committee, and other activists, academics, and cultural workers to show your support for this campaign at TIAA-CREF’s national headquarters on the eve of the deadline for filing resolutions.

If you are a CREF shareholder and would like to join in filing the resolution, click here.

Signs and hot cocoa will be provided. Dress warmly!

Press Release

New York, NY, December 13, 2012 – The New Zealand Superannuation Fund, which invests money on behalf of New Zealand’s government, announced on December 12 that it is divesting from Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev’s company Africa Israel and its construction subsidiary Danya Cebus over their construction of Israeli settlements. The announcement came amidst heightened international criticism of Israeli settlement expansion. The move also follows a 2010 decision by the Norwegian government to divest from Africa Israel, and a 2009 decision by the British government not to do business with the company. The organizations Oxfam America, CARE and UNICEF have also severed ties with Leviev.

The announcement came as Adalah-NY is petitioning the New York City anti-hunger nonprofit City Harvest to publicly disavow Leviev, and is preparing for its sixth annual anti-apartheid caroling protest outside Leviev’s Madison Avenue jewelry store this Saturday. Adalah-NY launched a campaign for the boycott of and divestment from Leviev’s companies in 2007.