Writers and artists declare solidarity with persecuted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour


At the Brooklyn headquarters for the publishing house Verso Books at a September 18 standing-room-only panel on free speech and Palestine solidarity sponsored by Adalah-NY and Jewish Voice for Peace, panelist Susan Abulhawa, the acclaimed author of Mornings in Jenin, disclosed a little-known additional fact of Tatour’s case: After Israeli soldiers arrested Tatour on the charge of incitement, one piece of evidence prosecutors presented in court was the fact that Tatour recited a commemoration of the 1956 massacre of Palestinians at Kafr Qasim.

Israel’s excruciating violation of the right of Palestinians like Tatour to free expression may at first glance usurp Abulhawa’s seemingly small ripple in the overall story. But as the panelists each spoke to, narrative is perhaps the most powerful tool to fighting oppression.

The talk was moderated by professor and novelist Sarah Schulman and the other panelists were poet Aja Monet and Palestine Legal attorney Radhika Sainath.

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September 21, 2017

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Jesse Rubin

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