Handing out postcards and collecting petition signatures at Zabar's, 4/6/14

Photos from the first action of the NYC Coalition Against SodaStream at Zabar's on April 6, 2014

On Sunday, April 6, our first day of flyering outside Zabar's, 94 people signed our petition asking Zabar's to stop selling SodaStream, including at least one Israeli who signed in Hebrew. Many were familiar with SodaStream's operations in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories, and thanked us for being there and standing up for human rights. Others were less supportive, and the disagreement sparked spirited discussion among shoppers and passersby alike. We handed out almost 500 postcards with information about the boycott of SodaStream, and encouraged people to mail them to Zabar's. 

At one point, owner Saul Zabar came out of the store. When asked why he did not respond to our request for a meeting, he responded, "I didn't think you were worth it." He informed us that he will not stop selling SodaStream. All the more reason for us to go out there again! Stay tuned for more information, including an upcoming demonstration outside the store if Zabar's continues to refuse to support basic human rights for Palestinians.

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