Other Palestine Solidarity


When: Monday September 25, 2006 @ 7:00PM

Where: St. Mary's Church - 521 West 126th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway ( Take  to 125th St and go east on 125th or Take A/B/C/D to 125th St and go west on 125th to

What: During the last Ad-Hoc Coalition General Meeting held on September 6, 2006, a decision was taken to carry out an activism based educational conference in November, possibly to coincide with Call for Action during the November 9-16 international week against the Wall.
A follow-up meeting was carried out by the Program Committee on September 16, 2006.   Below are the major points that were raised and discussed during this meeting.  
The Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East invites you to attend the next Conference Planning Meeting on Monday September 25, 2006 at St. Mary Church.   The meeting will include discussing various conference components including:
·       Goals
·       Date
·       Location (up date from logistics)
·       Format
·       Program (summary from educational / activism and cultural program coordinators)
·       Outreach – endorsements and mobilization of other organizations to participate
·       Coordinating Committee (and possibly point person)
For more information about the Ad-Hoc Coalition or to endorse our statement please contact us at JusticeME@gmail.com.  Please join us …Your input is essential to making this action a success !!!!


End Israeli Aggression Against Lebanon and Palestine NOW

Israeli attacks and occupation continue! 

Astoria, Queens, August 26, 2006 

We, the members of the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, a coalition of individuals and organizations of conscience, will not be silent. As witnesses to the continuing gross violations of human rights and international law perpetrated by our own military in Iraq and the U.S-backed Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine and Lebanon, we raise our voices in united opposition to these atrocities. We believe it is our obligation and the obligation  of all Americans, endowed as we are with our freedoms, to demand change when our government flagrantly pursues unjust, racist, inhumane, oppressive, and destructive policies. To remain silent in the face of such injustices is complicit and immoral.

Press Release

Palestinian Child Demands Protection for the Palestinian People at the UN

Riham Barghouti 

July 7, 2006 

New York City - On Thursday afternoon, Mariam Rimawi, a ten year old Palestinian American girl, handed a letter signed by over 700 Palestinian, Arab, American and international organizations and activists to Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Advisor to Kofi Annan in a meeting held at Annan’s UN office in New York City. Ms. Rimawi told Kofi Annan’s Advisor “I am here to give you this letter from the Palestinian people and all their friends asking you to stop the Israelis from killing the Palestinians and to free the Palestinians in Israeli jails.”  Accompanying Ms. Rimawi, Mr. Issa Mikel and Ms. Lubna Hammad conveyed the specific demands included in the letter to Secretary General Annan, including immediate protection of the Palestinian civilian population of the Gaza Strip, release of the over 8,000 Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails, and international pressure to hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights and international law.