Bye, bye Lev! Final Anti-apartheid Holiday Caroling at Leviev

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Ex-Leviev staffer testifies company bribed NYPD to quash protests at diamond store


December 21, 2017, New York, NY - On Saturday New York human rights advocates celebrated the closure of the showcase Madison Avenue diamond store of Israeli billionaire and settlement-builder Lev Leviev by singing social justice-themed holiday carols for the eleventh consecutive year outside Leviev’s now former store. The closure of Leviev’s signature New York store followed 30 protests since its opening ten years ago, years of condemnations of Leviev’s businesses’ human right records, and a raft of conflicts and controversies involving the businesses in the Leviev Group of Companies.

Protesters outside the former Leviev store on Saturday sang Adalah-NY holiday boycott classics including We Wish Him a Loss of BusinessI Made a Little SettlementO Little Store on Madison, and Diamond Mines.

In his Jerusalem declaration last week, Trump attempted to legitimize apartheid and ethnic cleansing. The most powerful response we can have is to continue building a movement for justice for Palestine here in the U.S. An effective way to do that is by responding to the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. There must be a price to pay for destroying lives. Let’s show that those who profit from destruction of people’s lives, like Lev Leviev, are not welcome in our city.

On Saturday, December 16th, join us for our 11th (and final!) anti-apartheid holiday caroling at the former (yes, former!) site of diamond mogul Lev Leviev’s flagship showroom and store at 700 Madison Avenue, between 62nd and 63rd Streets. 

Battered by years of protest, his image increasingly tarnished by illegal activities of all sorts, Leviev has closed his Madison Avenue store! The mogul is beleaguered by UN warnings against land theft, and has been exposed in court for allegedly attempting to bribe the NYPD to stop our protests. 

Join us from 2 to 3 pm next Saturday to give Leviev an appropriate sendoff with anti-apartheid holiday songs exposing his settlement construction on stolen Palestinian land and his exploitation of workers from southern Africa to New York City.

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Former Leviev Store
700 Madison Ave
New York , NY

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Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

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