March With Us In Washington

Help Fight Israeli Apartheid!

March with Adalah-NY

& the Palestinian American Congress

Washington DC
June 10th, 2007

BUS TICKETS - $35 Round Trip  - Returning  same day ($1.50 online charge)


Buses leave Times Square, 42nd St. & Broadway at 8 am
Purchase tickets online:  SOLD OUT !! There are no more seats available on the Times Square bus.

Bayridge, Brooklyn:
Buses leave Beit Al-Makdis Center at 6224 - 6th Ave., Bayridge at 6:30am
For tickets please call: (347) 446-2088

 Park Slope, Brooklyn:

The Brooklyn Parents for Peace/UFPJ bus will leave Grand Army Plaza at 7 am

Tickets are $40 round trip. To purchase your ticket go to or call 347-265-3688

End Israeli Colonization of Palestine
End Israeli Aggression in the Middle East
Support Palestinian Refugees' Right of Return

Join the national demonstration on June 10th, organized by the US Campaign to End the Occupation & UFPJ as part of the global Day of Action to declare: "The World Says No to Israeli Occupation".

This year also marks:

  • 90 years since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, declaring British support for the colonization of Palestine
  • 60 years since the Nakba (the catastrophe) of 1948, expelling 800,000 Palestinians from their homes
  • 40 years since the Israeli Occupation in 1967 of the West Bank, Gaza strip, and Golan Heights
  • 25 years since the Sabra/Shatila massacres of 2000-3000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
  • 20 years since the First Intifada, a popular Palestinian uprising against  the Israeli occupation
  • 5 years since Israel began building the Apartheid Wall

How many more years will we allow this injustice to continue?
Get on the Bus!!


Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East




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Sunday, June 10, 2007 - 6:30am to 8:00pm

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