Translation of Zufim Settlement Information from Israel’s Ministry of Defense Spiegel Database (2007)

The database in Hebrew 

Previous names: Zufim

Source of name: Hebrew sound to the Arabic name Zufin nearby.

Type of settlement and organizational affiliation: rural settlement

Ref; 1510.1781

Number of inhabitants: 1023

County: Tul Karm

Municipal association: Shomron Regional Council

Government decision: Approval of the establishment of urban community. 5/10/83 (?) 81

"Decide: Relying on government policy relating to settlement issues and subsequently to the decision No. / 75 of the Settlement Commission from (Hebrew date) (9.4.83), to confirm as follows the establishment of an urban settlement named Zufim.

A. Location: 3 km northeast of Qalqilya, near the village of Jayyous. 1783/1510
B. Population, Housing units: 1000 housing units. Stage A will populate 300-1200
C. Entrepreneurs (contractors) - Leader Company.
D. Construction and Infrastructure - Construction and infrastructure will be made by the entrepreneurs themselves.


Group / 159 - 02/05/90 - Settlement – Correction to a previous decision.

"Decide: Following the decision 36 (?/ 81) dated 10.27.83 on the establishment of Zufim:

1) in paragraph D decision, stating: "Construction and Infrastructure - Construction and infrastructure will be undertaken by Entrepreneurs themselves, " shall be inserted: -
"The settlement will be built on Jewish-owned lands and state lands that will be allocated based on the opinion of the Department of State Attorney's Civil Division."

2) Ministry of Construction and Housing will help the community following the office’s program.
3) name of the town changed Zufin. "

Year established: 1989.

Land status:
A. State lands.
B. Land purchased by Jews before 1948.
C. Purchases made ​​after 1967 by the Israelis, deal permits numbers below:

Transactions recorded in the Land Registry - 2 / 83, 4 / 83, 5 / 83.
Transactions that have not yet registered in the Land Registry - 43/83, 73/83.

Unauthorized outposts near: No

Degree of realization of valid detailed plans:
Plan No. 149 (replaced by Plan 149 / 4) - allows the construction of 282 housing units.

Plan 149 / 2 - allows the construction of 1208 housing units - in practice construction of the housing units was not carried out, quarrying activities in the area was carried out before planned constructions.

Plan 149 / 4 - allows the construction of 561 housing units - actual construction realized of about 70% of housing units.

Construction in the absence of approved plans: None.

Settling agent responsible: the Land Redemption Fund.

Validity dates for contract / Permit:

Contract Development - Land Redemption Fund - as of 16.12.1997 to date 15.12.2003 - 330.130 acres. The purpose of the authorization - Expansion of the town, residential areas.

Planning Permit Agreement - Leader Company Ltd. and The Land Redemption

Planning and Development – Date: from 01/12/92 to 11/01/93 - 1408 acres.

Constructing agent: Leader Company and The Land Redemption Planning and Development Communities/settlements Limited.

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