Don’t buy a Moto cell phone!

(to the tune of "Gilligan's Island")

Come sit with us and you’ll hear a tale,
Of an occupation force,
That’s taking people’s land and lives,
With corporate help, of course.
With corporate help, of course.

Motorola is a firm,
That won’t pass up a buck.
They profit from their cell phones,
And practices that suck!
And practices that suck!

The kids in the Gaza Strip were starved,
Killed by bombs dropped from drones.
The Israeli army planned all this,
Using Moto phones.
They were using Moto phones.

If you think that’s not enough,
To join in our boycott…

They’ve built fuzes
For cluster bombs,
Surveillance sys-
tems for use
In illegal
Boycott Motorola!

This tale of Motorola’s crimes
Didn’t start in the Mideast
South Africa’s apartheid, they
Sold radios to police.

Sadly, Moto didn’t learn.
Til Moto stops the crime,
Of profiting from Apartheid,
We won’t give them a dime.

No offices, no U.S. aid
No PR agency
Israel may have resources.
We tell the truth for free.

So join us every other week,
Don’t sit at home and groan.
‘Til there’s justice for Palestine,
Don’t buy a Moto cell phone!

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