Pictures and Video, Africa Israel (Danya Cebus) Construction in Gilo, August 2013

Below are August 28, 2013 pictures and video of Africa Israel (Danya Cebus) construction in the Israeli settlement of Gilo, built in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory. Photos and video supplied to Adalah-NY by Who Profits (credit: Guy from Ta'ayush).

Below is a document that was included in an information kit from the sales office at the site. It states that the contractor building the project is Danya Cebus from Africa Israel group. The relevant part in the attached document is circled in red. Here is the translation from Hebrew:

"It should be mentioned that C-Jerusalem project has all the necessary approvals and construction permits required by law and that it is in an advanced stage of construction. Danya Cebus Company from Africa Israel Group is in charge on the execution of the construction. The architectural planing is preformed by Amazia Aharonson, a highly experienced office in projects planning".

The document is signed by Yehudit Shegev, a marketing representative of the project.

Below are other pictures and video of the construction site and surounding area, also from August 28, 2013.


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